Feed me!

My name is Stefanie and I’m a snack junkie!  Yes, I’m one of “those people” who must eat at least six times a day.  Believe me, the downward spiral to low blood-sugar and hunger is not a pretty sight- I get cranky (to say the very least!).  Needless to say, you’d be hard pressed to find me without snacks: in my car, in my purse, in coat pockets.  Anytime I know I’m going to be gone more than two hours, bringing snacks is a must.

Spring weekends in our house mean baseball games- long games.  Thank goodness for Bynto!  Not familiar?  Bynto is the smaller version of our Goodbyn lunchboxes.  Perfect for snacks, the Bynto contains its own water bottle and two compartments to fill with treats.  It also comes with water-based ink stickers- mine reads “Mom’s snacks- hand’s off!”  If you’d rather share your snacks, the Goodbyn lunchbox has 5 compartments plus a water bottle.  Need to keep little ones occupied at older siblings games?  With its cute handle, younger ones like carrying their own “treasure box” filled with surprise treats and small toys.  (*warning- some kids may not enjoy that you’ve prepared snacks- they were hoping for a concession stand sugar rush!)  Need another reason these are so cool? DISHWASHER SAFE!  No BPA, PVC, or phthalates and they’re made in Michigan!

Daily Green special:  Buy a Bynto or Goodbyn (www.favortheearth.com/goodybags.html) and receive a free banana paper notepad (no trees were harmed making this paper!).  Write “go bananas” in the customer checkout notes to receive your free notepad – please don’t add it to your cart.  BONUS:  weekend Daily Green specials are good through Monday!


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