Channelling my inner Martha…

Between dinner and bedtime last night, the kids and I updated our scrapbooks, sewed new pillow covers, and created an awesome playhouse for weekend entertainment.  Yeah, right!  I can’t even sew on a button.  I really wish I were crafty, but alas, I am not (though I used to make play-dough for the kids, does that count?).  I don’t think it’s the projects I don’t like, it’s the mess that remains for days while things dry or wait for more embellishment.  That is why I love these Calafant 100% recycled cardboard toys- they fold up and out of site!

Not only are they the perfect rainy day project, they’re perfect for travelling.  There are three sizes available: the small is great for 4-5 year olds to do solo, the medium is big enough for holding little toys (playmobile type), and the large is BIG!  The small and medium are packaged with their own non-toxic markers; the company recommends paint for the large- not happening in my house!  Maybe if they’re building them outside on a nice day they can use paint, otherwise crayons & color pencils worked great (markers will run out of ink, before finishing).

Here, my favorite part.  When they’re done playing, or it’s time to leave grandma’s house, or get off the plane- fold it up & put it away!  What projects are available?  Glad you asked: dinosaurs, carriages, pirate ships, giant robots, tree houses, fire engines, mermaid coves, dollhouses, and more.

Daily Green Special:  Buy any Calafant recycled cardboard toy ( ) and receive a four piece assortment of Endangered Species chocolates (you deserve a treat too, right?).  Just type “martha’ in the customer notes & will add the chocolates to your order.


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