I’m puzzled…

Looks like we’re heading towards a break in the 90 degree weather, only the break means rain.  I’ve managed to keep my potted plants alive for almost a whole week- maybe the rain will extend their life longer as I won’t forget to water them.  This year, though, I have a back up for when my non-green thumb prevails… Green Pieces Puzzles!

Not just a puzzle, it’s flowers too!  Each piece of the 500 piece puzzle is embedded with wildflower seeds, so when you’re finished, you can plant the pieces and grow your own flowers.  Pieces can be planted indoors in pots or outside.  If you plant the entire puzzle, it will grow about 18 different varieties of wildflowers (sorry, it won’t grow in the shape of the animal!).  I think it’s more fun to decorate little pots & anyone who helped complete the puzzle can have their own flower pot to grow.  (just a little side note- if you try to boost flower growth with coffee- don’t use a cup with cream & sugar added- yeah, it will kill the beautiful flowers you had growing!).

Green Pieces Puzzles are made in the US and come in 4 patterns: Panda, Tiger, Fish, and American Eagle.  Each puzzle also has hidden “green” information about how the particular animal is affected by our environmental choices.

Daily Green Special:  Buy any Green Pieces puzzle ( http://www.favortheearth.com/kidgifts.html ) and get a set of plantable gift tags for free!  Just write “puzzled” in the customer checkout notes & we’ll add the tags to your order.




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