Hooray for Zero!

A couple of days ago (you are reading every day, right?!) I mentioned a website, http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/?nothanks=1, where you can check the safety of your cosmetics.  The products are scored 0-2 (green) for low hazard, 3-6 (yellow) for moderate hazard, and 7-10 (red) high hazard.  It’s interesting to find that the most expensive products/high name recognition don’t typically score very well.  Ideally, I’d like every product I use to be a “green” rated item- but, I’m pretty happy with a score 5 and under.  Of course, all green is the goal.

Another Favor the Earth product has scored a 0! on the safety chart!  Eco-Lips Pure & Simple Lip Balm.  They’re available in 3 delicious flavors: kiwi-strawberry, coconut, and grape.  They’ve been one of our best sellers since day one, kiwi-strawberry is my personal favorite.  They also make a great goody bag item (fyi- bonne bell lip balm/gloss candy lip smackers… an 8.  yikes- all the dr. pepper I used as a kid, ugh!).

Daily Green Special:  Buy a Eco-Lips Pure & Simple lip balm and receive a second one for free!  Just write “go 0” in the customer checkout notes & we’ll add the free lip balm to your order.


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