I’d like mine without a side of cancer please…

Long “suspected” as causing cancer, government scientists at the National Institute of Health officially listed formaldehyde as a carcinogen.  Chief medical officer at the American Cancer Society, Dr. Otis Brawley said   “All a reasonable person can do is manage their exposure and decrease it to as little as possible. It’s everywhere.” And he is right: nail polish, hair products, lotions, mascara (urea), glue, fiberboard, the list is seemingly endless.  What does this mean for your health?

“The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration warned in April that a hair-care product, Brazilian Blowout Acai Professional Smoothing Solution, contained unacceptable levels of formaldehyde, and salon workers have reported headaches, nosebleeds, burning eyes, vomiting and asthma attacks after using the product and other hair-straighteners.” (This story, “Government Says 2 Common Materials Pose Risk of Cancer,” originally appeared in the New York Times.)

Ok-gross.  It’s absurd that we sacrifice our health to “feel good” about our looks.  I cringe every time I see someone buying their young daughters cheap nail polish off the shelves at Target.   Believe me, I understand cost is an important factor- but how much is going to cost in the long run for medical care from formaldehyde exposure.  If you’ve ever seen a little girl apply her own polish- it’s not perfectly on the nails, it’s all over the surrounding skin too (the largest organ in the body), meaning faster absorption into the body.

For 7 years, SpaRitual has been creating beautiful nail polishes formaldehyde free.  They’re also free of toulene (named a toxic air contaminant in April 1993) and DBP (dibutyl phthalate- a hormone disruptor & may cause birth defects, banned in Europe).  Favor the Earth has carried SpaRitual since day 1. While the website only features 8-9  colors, we have many more in stock (let us know if you’re looking for a particular color).  The mini-bottles make a great addition to girls’ goodie-bags or a fun teen “spa” day.

Daily Green Special:  Start your own formaldehyde-free spa collection with our Mini-Mani Set (http://www.favortheearth.com/packed.html).   Each set comes with your color choice of SpaRitual polish, SpaRitual remover, a biodegradable nail file, and a delicious chocolate square all packaged in a natural cotton drawstring bag.  Purchase a Mini-Mani set & receive a mini-Sparitual polish for free!  Just write “mini-mani” in the customer checkout notes and we’ll add the free polish to your order.  Remember- all Saturday Daily Green Specials are good for the entire weekend!



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