Make it more than a day-

If you’ve read earlier posts (thank you to the almost 500 that have!!) you’ll know I’m a bit blue on Father’s Day.  It’s been almost 27 years since my dad died, but still this day is hard.  I think part of the reason is my children, he obviously never met them.  But I see so much of him in them (genetics are funny that way) and I know he would have been the doting grandfather I never had: I like to believe he saw Jake his his first homerun or Mikaela rock-out an amazing butterfly at the pool.

For myself, I miss this stories.  Not the ones he told, but the ones he didn’t.  Especially now as an adult, there’s so much I want to know.  Sure, my mom can tell me how they met, where the huge scar on his arm came from- but I want his versions and the deeper stuff: what were the thoughts that kept him up at night, what did he want most for my sister and  me?

For Father’s Day, extend the time.  Give dad a notebook so he can record his thoughts for you or his grandkids.  Even it’s a sentence or two a day, or a memory that seems trivial, someday that notebook will be cherished.  Believe me, I wish I had one to read.

Daily Green Special:  Purchase a Banana paper notebook ( and receive a second one for free.   You can keep on writing those memories once the first one is filled.  Just write “thanks dad” in the customer checkout notes and we’ll add the free notebook to your order.


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