My name is George…

After a crazy weekend, my kids were in need of down-time yesterday.  Usually we have a no tv from 10-6 rule, and as long as it’s not raining they have to be outside-but yesterday I let it slide a bit.  Though Mikaela has a great time running around outdoors, she’s quite happy playing/drawing/singing in her room.  Jake, on the other hand, has wheels/hockey stick/bat/ball permanently attached to him.  He’s never asked for action figures (or toys really) for birthdays or holidays; so, I was surprised when he asked for one of the FTE cardboard robots.  Mikaela chose the tree house.

78 steps.  2 hours.*  Fabulous!  I was able to visit with a girlfriend with only a few (“can you help me”) moments.  But he did it, and then continued playing with it & even named it George!  This is a boy who doesn’t sit still….ever.  Of course, later that night we had a big baseball game in the field (yeah, getting hit by a hardball pitch really does hurt!), but he went back to George that night.  FYI- first thing he did this morning was get everything out to color him!

Daily Green Special– Purchase any large recycled cardboard Calafant ( and receive a 24 pack of color pencils for free.  Just write “george” in the customer comment notes and we’ll add the color pencils to your order.  *the instructions say 45 minutes for assembly, unless using 2 people or lots of adult help, the robot will definitely take longer





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