It all happens for a reason…

So yesterday my dog decided to eat two ant traps.  Yes, I know, traps are not eco-friendly or organic- we’ve tried that route: chalk, cornstarch, nothing worked.  The lovely ants decided my back patio step was the perfect location for their colony.  Karma- my dog ate the poison.  As the vet suggested, we induced vomitting…gross… and she seems to be doing fine.  I cancelled evening plans, though,  so I could keep an eye on her.  Seeing the good in all, my mom pointed out that had Kiki not eaten the traps & I didn’t stay home, I would have been trying to drive on the highway (instead of safely in the basement with the kids) at the exact time all the tornado sirens started & the 80 mph winds quickly came through.  I can’t help but think, in some odd cosmic way, someone is looking out for me (and my dog!).

How does this relate to Favor the Earth products, it doesn’t really.  Except I believe everything really does happen for a reason.  And, sometimes being scared is exactly the kick we need for action.  Maybe a health concern leads to a conscious way of life.  Perhaps the birth of a child leads to understanding organic importance & chemical awareness.   If we all do a little bit- it becomes a pretty big deal.

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