Starting slow…

Well it’s day 5 of living out of coolers.  Until last night the freezer still worked, yes, now we have more coolers.  Thankfully the new fridge is arriving today!  Yesterday I was at Target, salivating over cream for my coffee I couldn’t buy, and I noticed school supplies were already prominently displayed in their own Back to School aisle.  Seems a little early to me, but I have to admit I love the possibilities a blank spiral (albeit a recycled banana paper notebook!) seems to hold: the fresh start, endless opportunities.

Since the weather finally feels like summer, I’m not quite ready to make the “back to school” jump.  But, I thought easing into it with cool items for school, the office, or party favors was a nice slow start.  So, here are two of my favorites always on my desk.

Eco-Eraser Sticks- these unique erasers are just too cool!  They look just like a color pencil (even arrive sharpened like one), but it’s a recycled eraser.  When the tip gets dull, just sharpen like a pencil.  As you sharpen it, the color changes.  Fun for under a buck!

Staple Free Stapler- no need to worry about little bits of metal jamming your shredder (and one less metal item manufactured from fossil fuels!), this stapler joins papers (4-6 sheets) with a “cut & tuck tab.” Available in six colors.

Daily Green Special:  Purchase an eco-eraser stick ( and receive a second one for free!  Just write “erase it” in the customer check out notes and we’ll add the 2nd eraser to your order.



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