Weekend education…

This weekend we entered the crazy world of travel baseball.  Fortunately, our tournaments are all within our state.  Here’s what I learned this weekend:  1- Vapur Anti-Bottles stay frozen and cold for a really long time!  Even in 95 degree weather for 8 hours of baseball.  2- The Eco-lips facestick kept our noses & cheeks from burning, even my sweating little slugger didn’t burn.  3- Meeting fun parents to hang out with during the long, hot days was worth their weight in gold!

The other interesting item this weekend was the back to school ads.  I find the lure for really cheap school supplies disheartening.  It’s like seeing an apple cost more than a candy bar.  I have to admit, erasers for one penny seems like a great idea- for fifty cents I could buy enough for the neighborhood. But, the green in me has to look closer at what’s really being pushed- imitation, often toxic, chemicals I really don’t want near my kids or myself.

Just for fun, lets compare ingredients in two common school supplies: dry erase markers & the infamous pink eraser.

We’re all familiar with the noxious odor of standard dry erase markers.  Why do they smell so bad?  The main ingredient is a chemical called Methyl isobutyl ketone, though it may be listed under one of its 39 aliases.  Regardless,  the side effects are the same: headaches, nausea, light-headedness
and even enlargement of the liver.  According to the Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, these adverse effects are even more likely for children.  The maximum time for “safe” exposure to Methyl isobutyl ketone?  15 minutes per eight-hour workday.  Though, that “safe” time dramatically decreases when it is on the skin.

Favor the Earth dry erase markers are a bit different.  Our Earth-Friendly set of four dry erase markers have a polyester fiber tip filled with non-toxic, alcohol-based ink. No Xylene, Toluene or other VOCs here.  Also, the tube is made from recycled paper which reduces the use of plastic by 60%.  Even more amazing, ours are gluten-free: essential for those with gluten sensitivities or allergies.

The little pink eraser isn’t really made from natural rubber, but a synthetic rubber instead.  Styrene and butadiene are the most common chemicals that create synthetic rubber.  And, surprise! both chemicals are derived from petroleum.

Our natural eraser is exactly that, natural rubber.  Created from Havea Sap collected from the Para rubber tree, this sap is collected in small buckets without harming the tree’s growth!

Stay tuned for more tips on green school/office supplies!  And, check out our site for eco-friendly alternatives to chemical laden supplies (www.favortheearth.com).

Daily Green Special:  Purchase a set of Earth Friendly dry erase markers (http://www.favortheearth.com/goodybags.html) and receive 2 free natural erasers.  Just write “no more pink” in the customer checkout notes and we’ll add the erasers to your order.


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