Especially for you…

Another day closer to our new site launch!  Here’s another sneak peek at two custom items that we’ll be adding.  We’d love your opinion.  And, because you’re seeing them first, you can order first!  Since they aren’t on the website, just email us & we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

1- Let there be light!  Looking for a unique lamp?  These repurposed lamps are created in Illinois with incredibly cool recycled items: baseball gloves, old sewing machines, antique lanterns…you name it, he can make it!  Did you inherit a vintage piece you’re not sure how to display?  Turn it into a lamp!  A cool way to display a game ball or sports memorabilia too.

2- To have and to hold.  Though my first thought was a bride’s rehearsal bouquet, these custom “flowers” are great for anniversaries or birthdays too.  Created by our same friend in Florida making our recycled vases, these custom “flowers” are made with recycled paper: maps, stories, sheet music, menus.   Turn those souvenir brochures into a work of art!

Email us at  For questions about items pictured, or customizing your own.

Daily Green Special:  Spend $10.00 ( and receive a free Eco-Lips SPF lip balm.  Just write “more sun!” in the customer checkout notes and we’ll add the lip balm to your order.




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