Cool Treat…

Since we’re still in this crazy heatwave (yes, Seattle, your cool temperatures are sure to lure Midwesterners!), we need treats that don’t require adding more heat with the oven.

One of my all-time favorite kid treats is rice crispie bars.  These are a fun twist to the old standby.  To avoid high fructose corn syrup, I use Trader Joes Crisp Rice cereal (virtually the same as Rice Krispies just no fake sugar & less than $2 a box!).  Side note:  later we’ll talk about making homemade marshmallows too: delicious, simple, &  beautiful!  Make the bars same as original recipe.  When cutting them from the pan, cut in a slightly larger rectanglePush a popsicle stick (or bamboo skewer) halfway into bar.  Dip the treat into melted chocolate (I use endangered species squares) and then roll in crushed Yummy Earth drops.  Festive, fun, and a great addition to a lemonade stand!

Daily Green Special:  Purchase a bag of Yummy Earth drops ( and receive 5 Endangered Species Chocolate squares for free!  Just write “cool treat” in the custmer checkout notes & we’ll add the chocolates to your order.



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