The wait is over!

Although I can barely contain my excitement over the new site, I think my fantastic web developers are just as happy.  At least their number of constant questions and emails with forgotten attachments will decrease!

By now I’m accepting the fact that I’ll never win a Tony Award (not quite ready to say that about an Olympic medal though!), thereby bringing my opportunity to give an acceptance speech to about nil.  So…I’m going to do it now (no, you can’t change the channel)!  I am eternally grateful to Alyssa for putting Favor the Earth on the internet.  What started as an opportunity to share cool products with others, truly became an international business.  Scott, Julie, and Mike- you brought the site to a place I couldn’t imagine (and in some ways still don’t really understand!).  Julie, your field trip worked perfectly.  Aside from the hard work behind the scenes, the new site wouldn’t have been necessary without those committed to Favor the Earth.  Customers letting me know they love our products, or how our items are benefitting their families shows me that our commitment to this earth is worldwide.  I know it’s a familiar Native American proverb, but I first remember reading on the wall at Epcot:  “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

We’d love to hear your opinion on the new site: Email me at  Also, you can now access FTE Daily Green right through the website (  Ok, now on to the deals!

Daily Green Special:  Since we can now use coupon codes…lets do so!  Here you go…  Receive $10 off your next $25 purchase with the code CELEBRATE.


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