Forget the apple…

I am so happy you’re enjoying the new site as much as I am!  I’ve loved reading your comments, keep them coming!

Last night as the kids and I were coming home from baseball practice (yes, we’re back at it!) we passed a Hummer Limo- you know- those insanely huge gas guzzlers.  Jake exclaimed, “that’s so cool!”  I, of course, proclaim that it’s an ecological nightmare.  His response: “Well, it’s not cool in an earth-friendly way, just a cool way.”  I love my boy.

But, it made me wonder if there is a difference?  To really hold a “cool” title, does it have to relinquish its “earth-friendly” factor?   Feel free to discuss!  Regardless, our new upcycled flowers are “way cool!”

Created by our same creative Florida friend who makes our vases, these upcycled paper flowers are made from recycled books, magazines, maps, or even your own souvenirs.  They’re a (an?) unique way to cherish favorite memories.  Remember all of the brochures you collected on vacation or throughout the summer?  Don’t leave them in a box…display them as flowers?  Though apples are great, what teacher wouldn’t love a Harry Potter flower on the first day!

Though we have a couple available, contact us for custom orders (great way to personalize shower, birthday, thank you gifts, or bridal bouquets.  You’ll find these flowers under Fabulous Finds, Gifts for all Ages, and Favors.

Daily Green Special:  Use your CELEBRATE coupon to take $10 off your $25 purchase!


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