I want to be a Target clearance shopper.

I love strolling the aisles, seeing the little red sticker with ridiculously cheap prices.  And, the little $1.00 section just screams with completely unnecessary, yet fun little trinkets that add $10.00 to your order.  But my green heart keeps getting in the way.

A few years ago I actually banned myself from purchasing anything made in China for one year.  I made it 8 months, it’s really, really difficult.  I learned:

  1.  I couldn’t shop at Target (though there are a few more option now).
  2. I still won’t buy anything that will touch food/drinks made in China.
  3. This is an interesting way to save money.
  4. Somebody (me!) should start a green company with better options!

But, I still longingly stroll the Target sale aisles whenever we do go there.  As I perused the $1.00 section last night, I realized that Favor the Earth has a bunch of cool stuff under $2.00 (16 items to be exact!) and they’re way better for you & the earth.  Time to stock up!

Daily Green Special:  So, in the spirit of those addictive red stickers, all 15 of our under $2.00 items are buy one get one free until the next post on Monday.  Yes, if you purchase 2, you’ll receive 2 free.  Yes, the $10 off still applies (that’s a coupon, this is a “secret” sale).  Just write “BOGO”  in the customer checkout notes and we’ll add the second item for free.

Want a list of our under $2.00 items?  recycled craft bag, med. compostable bag, sm. compostable bag, Eco-Lips Pure & Simple, Endangered Species chocolate squares, wee glee, seeded die-cuts, tops, wands, folders, index cards, pencils, eraser sticks, banana paper notepads, eco-erasers, and natural erasers.



2 responses to “BOGO…

  1. As Grandma Sam to that “little” girl entering her last year of elementary school and “little” boy I shed a tear also…wondering where the years have gone as I am not older than when they were born and remembering the times my girls on their first day of school each year.

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