How green is your office?

We talk a lot about eco-friendly school supplies, and safer products for the kids, but what about your desk?  Even if your desk is buried under endless “to-do” lists & projects (please tell me it isn’t just mine!), there are green goods for you too.  So, we’ll do a quick top 5 green office gadgits.

  1. Staple-free stapler.  I think of all of our products, this one is my mom’s favorite.  Maybe because there are no little staples to reload, possibly because it’s keeping those same little metal shards out of landfills & from jamming up a shredder!
  2. Banana paper notebooks.  Who says we can’t have cool covers too?
  3. Giant Eco-Eraser.  Sometimes just looking at this huge eraser makes my mistake seem small in comparrison (I love that!).
  4. Coccoina glue stick.  If your desk is on the craftier side, this almond scented glue stick is non-toxic, non-solvent, and acid free. Best of all it smells like marzipan!
  5. This one isn’t available through us, but, the brilliant folks at Datasource Ink have created a landfill-free company for laser printer ink products. And, their products are US made!  If you have a pro-size printer, Janina can help you out (

Daily Green Special:  Order any of the first four items (and write “office space” in the customer checkout notes) and we’ll add an assortment of chocolate squares to your order- every desk needs something sweet.!  Offer valid until next post tomorrow.


3 responses to “How green is your office?

  1. Many good stuff here 😀 And it is not just your desk!!!

  2. It should say: A lot of good stuff here 😀

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