Smoke & mirrors…

Last year I had a booth at a holiday market.  I enjoy doing the shows: talking to people, introducing new products, and just being social.  At this particular show, though, an older (I’d say elderly) woman yelled at me.  For a long time.  She accused me of jumping on the “green bandwagon” and that I’m not really eco-friendly because I don’t hang-dry all of my laundry, and she’s been “green” longer than I’ve been born.  Obviously, I’m still harboring a little issue with this.  While I applaud her organic choices, was it necessary to berate mine?  Someday, when I’m living in the mountains and my backyard is acres of streams & gorgeous vistas I’ll hang my laundry, for now, the neighbors don’t need to see my bras.

Would it have been difficult for her just to say, “Hey, you’re doing your part.  Want to hear some of the ways I help too?”   I think, especially as women, there’s such a ridiculous notion that we have to “prove”…I don’t even know what it is: my husband & I are best friends, my kids are always this good, you don’t make every dinner from scratch?, we only eat organic.  Really…it’s a load of crap.  And, for what?  Why can’t we just say, “man, today is tough I could use a hand” (and really accept one).  Or, even better, “I saw how you handled that, great job.”

We’re all doing what we can to make it through this thing we call life.  Some days go a little smoother than others, but we try to make our differences (no matter the size) in ways that fit today.   Do we really have to “one-up” someone else to feel better about ourselves (hey, that sounds like 5th grade bullying talk at curriculum night!)?  For what it’s worth, I think you’re doing a great job! Thanks for doing your “green” part today reading my rant.

Daily Green Special:  Write “pif” in the customer check out notes today and we’ll add an “Eye of the Beholder” mini polish for you to “pay it forward” to someone needing a little pick me up.  Offer valid through next post tomorrow!


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