Pop, pop, pop!

Per request, Favor the Earth will be adding a “what’s new” home page button beginning September.  Thank you for your suggestion.  Until then, you’ll have to keep checking the Daily Green for the new items!  Lucky you, we have one today.

One of my favorite childhood objects was a massive bowl we used for popcorn.  Massive is not an exaggeration, it held 3 “stir crazy” tops, had to be stored under the bed, and my mom had to wash it in the tub (thinking about it now, she must have hated that bowl!).  My dad would start crooning “pop, pop, pop” and this bowl of hot, buttery, salted popcorn would ‘magically’ appear.  No surprise that I am still a popcorn junkie.  Nothing fancy, I was quite happy with my air-popped, butter, light salt…until now.

A brilliant woman in San Francisco has figured out how to make a simple snack (ok, dinner) into an exotic, addictive masterpiece!  I am hooked on the Organic Madras Coconut Curry & Cashew popcorn.  This, from someone who’s never ventured to add parmesan cheese to popcorn.  Three sizes & 6 amazing flavors: Fleur de Sel Caramel, Black Truffle & White Cheddar, Vietnamese Cinnamon Sugar, Chipotle & Almond, Ginger Sesame Caramel, and of course, Madras Coconut Curry & Cashew popcorn.  All are organic with no GMOs • naturally gluten free • no trans fat • air popped • no preservatives • no artificial anything!

Daily Green Special:  Pre-order any of the 479 Organic Popcorn today and we’ll add a medium produce bag (so you can hide your snack!) to your order for free.  Write “pop!” in the customer checkout notes to receive your free bag.  Offer valid until next post tomorrow!




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