Check out the big brain on Brad!

Bonus points to you if you caught the Pulp Fiction reference!

I’m slightly neurotic about my morning routine.  I need to start my day (before the kids wake) with a cup of coffee (yes, a particular cup pertains to a given day) and my Chicago Tribune.  And though I do read, or at least skim, most of the paper, the real prize is the final page: soduko & crossword puzzles.  I feel a ridiculous sense of intelligence on the days I complete them quickly (yes, I know they get progressively harder through the week), and feel I can tackle anything on the days I solve both.  Don’t even get me started on the mornings I complete the word jumble too!

I remember as a kid my mom used to buy me puzzle books and now I find myself doing the same for my kids.  I keep at least two in my car to ward off brewing backseat arguments, or to keep one happy a little longer while at the other’s team practice.  Which books have kept the kids busy lately?  Let’s Go Green Activity Books.  With four books to choose from, their interested is held longer.  I also love that they are printed on sustainable paper with soy ink.

Daily Green Special:  Write “puzzles” in the customer comments and we’ll add a second Activity Book to your order.  Yes, it’s a ‘buy one get one’ deal today! Remember, this offer is valid until the next post tomorrow.


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