Growing gratitude…

I have a customer’s brilliant idea to thank for today’s post.  It must be the pure Alaskan air that helped create a such a wonderful idea!

I love hearing responses from customers expressing how much they enjoy their Favor the Earth purchases.  This particular note of thanks, though, warmed my heart.  She expressed feeling delayed in beginning a gratitude/blessing journal.  She was inspired by a book, but couldn’t bring herself to start writing.  Upon receiving her Favor the Earth package, she had found her inspiration…the plantable journal.  She’s decided to record her blessings/gratitudes in the journal, then when the booklet is finished, she’ll plant it and watch beautiful wildflowers grow from her words!

I’m inspired too, though I have a slight twist.  I use my notebook as a never-ending to-do list.  But, instead of recycling completed pages, I’m going to plant my crossed-off lists and watch flowers grow from my daily tasks!

Daily Green Special:  Bet you could guess…buy one plantable notebook and we’ll send you a second one free: inspiration for you and a friend!  Write “Kate” in the customer checkout notes and we’ll add the free notebook to your order.  Happy writing!




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