Planes, trains….

Since school started, I feel like we’ve been burning the candle at both ends.  This long weekend couldn’t have come at a better time!  Whether you’re choosing to venture away for the holiday weekend or stay close to home, here are a few ideas to green your vacation weekend.

It’s supposed to be a hot one this weekend, so stay hydrated!  Vapur Anti-Bottles are great to tote along: freeze for day trips, easy to refill, & even easier to fold up when empty!

Even though it’s September, sun protection is still important.  Our Eco-Lips Facestick will protect your face, lips, and nose all with one simple stick.

The mosquitoes haven’t decided to quit yet, so our Natural Bug Spray will keep you bite free, without the nasty chemicals.

If you’re staying close to home, did you know your local library has free passes to over thirty museums and attractions: Brookfield Zoo, Morton Arboretum, and Cantigny just name a few.  Support your library & local attractions!

Wherever the road takes you (vacation, family, couch for a movie marathon), enjoy the long weekend & we’ll be back Tuesday!

Daily Green Special:  Enjoy $6.00 off your order ($25 minimum purchase) with our special long weekend SHIPME coupon!  This one you actually enter as a coupon code.  Like all daily greens, though, it’s only here until the next post.







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