Come home…

In my lifetime there have been a few “where were you when” events: Challenger space shuttle, Oklahoma City bombing, and of course 9/11.  Obviously, this year marks the ten year anniversary of that September day.  My daughter was barely a month old at the time and I remember holding her tight and sobbing…for days.

There are long ago moments that you remember as if they were yesterday.  That day was certainly one of them: the warm, sunny weather, and the quiet afterwards.  The sound of an airplane became almost abnormal once flights resumed.  And the way America, without a doubt, banded together.

Along with the 9/11 anniversary, Sunday is also my step-brother’s deployment date; a second tour, this time to Afghanistan.  I don’t know that “luck” is the right word for my wishes for him and his troop (fellow kids, really), maybe strength?  We definitely had a refresher course ten years ago that life is fragile; people went to work, to school, to rescue others and didn’t come home.  Maybe those are my wishes for my step-brother…come home.

This weekend, find a moment to raise a glass to those we lost, take cookies to your local firehouse, and celebrate your loved ones still here.



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