A sip of fall…

I didn’t like coffee until I turned thirty. Granted, Starbucks wasn’t on every street corner before then, but I was always a hot chocolate kind of girl. Then, one chilly afternoon I tried my first mocha: the richness of the chocolate, the warmth of the coffee, all mixed with the deliciousness of a bit of whipped cream. I was hooked.
Even though most days I now drink “regular” coffee, I still love a good mocha. What I hate, however, is spending $4.00 for one. So, I’ve been creating my own. Cup of coffee + 1/2 square of Endangered Species dark chocolate mint = pure bliss. For 50 cents, I get two fabulous (and greener!) cups of indulgence.

Daily Green Special: Though we don’t supply the java, create your own coffee delight with our milk, dark, or mint chocolate squares. Buy any three chocolate squares and will add two more to your order for free! Write “mocha” in the customer comments, and we’ll add the chocolates to your order. Enjoy!


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