Let there be light…

I’m utterly amazed by people who can look at an object and see something entirely different (I can’t even imagine what an empty space would look like with walls). This ability goes beyond recycling and is better known as “upcycling:” creating something special out of ordinary objects.

At Favor the Earth we don’t carry a ton of home decorating items. They have to be downright amazing, incredibly unique, and, of course, green. Our standards are pretty high, and these new lamps fit perfectly.

Created by hand in Illinois, these one of a kind lamps, will brighten any room. While custom orders are welcome (don’t know what to do with tea-pot inherited from aunt Millie? Create a lamp!) we’ll feature a couple each month that are ready for delivery. Know a true book fanatic? This Sue Grafton novel lamp will take the mystery out of finding light for bedtime reading. Baseball fan in the your house? Score one to you for finding the perfect gift!

Daily Green Special:  Purchase one of our new lamps and receive a banana paper journal for free:  your thoughts will flow freely under new lighting!  Write “lighten up” in the customer comments and we’ll add the journal to your order.  Offer valid until tomorrow’s post!


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