This weekend marks Favor the Earth’s second anniversary! What began as a declaration over (organic) pizza and beer on Earth Day, has become an international business. I’m overwhelmed with other people’s same committment to finding healthy, earth-friendly, quality (& yet affordable) items for ourselves and families.

I’m often asked what’s my favorite item that Favor the Earth carries. I honestly love every item, or we wouldn’t carry it! But, I do have five items that are with me at all times; so how about today is my five favorite portable items!

  1. Recycled t-shirt bag: this is either filled with my errands for the day (packages to send, books for the library) or empty in my purse so I can always say “no” to a store bag.
  2. Plantable notepad:  yes, I’m an incessant list maker!
  3. Recycled “catch-all bag” : always in my purse with time-filler items (deck of cards) and little necessities.
  4. Face-Stick:  also kept in my catch-all bag, it’s convenient sunscreen that I don’t have to worry about spilling in my bag!
  5. Vapur-Anti Bottle:  I find that if I don’t bring my own water, I just don’t drink enough during the day.  And, the little clip hooks right onto my t-shirt bag!

If you haven’t signed up for our emails yet, hurry!  Special anniversary email (and coupon!!) coming tomorrow.   With today’s fifty degree weather, looks like more fall items will be appearing on the site this weekend.

Daily Green Special:  Purchase the catch-all or t-shirt bag, and we’ll add the Vapur bottle to your order for free!  Write “everyday” in the customer checkout notes and we’ll add the free bottle to your order.  Offer valid until tomorrow’s post!


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