Happy Anniversary!

This Sunday marks our second anniversary!  I am beyond excited at the growth we’ve seen during that time.  I mentioned yesterday that the decision to open Favor the Earth occurred on Earth Day, 2009 (yes, beer & pizza was involved!).  I’ve always believed if you say something with conviction it can come true.  September 17, 2009 our website went live.

Since that date, we’ve become a Green America approved business, shipped to 14 US States, 4 countries, and 3 continents!  I’ve always wanted to be a contestant on The Amazing Race, though I feel like I’m living it now.  Thank you!

To celebrate our anniversary, our Champagne/Chambord soy candle, Two Brother’s Beer Soap, and our Black Truffle/White Cheddar popcorn are all on sale!  If you haven’t signed up for our emails, what are you waiting for… Anniversary coupon goes out today!

Daily Green Special:  Through the weekend, enjoy sale prices on our candle, soap, & popcorn (can be used with the email coupon too!).  And, if you’re the first order from a “new” state, you’ll receive a free travel candle with your purchase!





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