Switch Witch: A great way to get rid of excess Halloween candy

I’ve mentioned my lack of enthusiasm for Halloween. But, there are three traditions I really do enjoy about the day:
1- We always have a fire going either inside or outside in the kiva pit.
2- The neighbors down the street who give out “grown up treats”  to the adults accompanying young trick or treaters!
3- The Switch Witch.

imageWhat’s the Switch Witch? She’s our way of curbing the amount of candy in the house. Each of my kids decide how much candy they want to leave for the “Halloween witch” to take back to her goblin friends. There is a 25 piece minimum, then they leave it on the back porch for her when they go to bed. In exchange, the witch leaves a little gift (or bigger one depending on how generous they are with their candy!) for them to find in the morning.

What kinds of little gifts? Glad you asked! Check out these fun, unique, and green gifts that won’t break the witches bank.

  • Earth Yoyo–  Created in Vermont with sustainable harvested materials and non-toxic finishes. Bring a new meaning to Halloween tricks!
  • ‘Magic’ Wand– Also created by Maple Landmarks with sustainable harvested Vermont wood & non-toxic finishes.  Pink, purple, and gold available for your “pinkalicious” fan.
  • Calafant recycled cardboard toys– Three sizes available, and the small/medium come with non-toxic markers.  Have a pint-size astronaut this Halloween?  Check out the Spaceship!
  • Have a child with allergies?  Trade the witch for gluten-free/nut-free options.  Our vegan/gluten-free category is filled with goodies that are safer for those with allergies.

Halloween Special:  Purchase any of the above items and receive a free eco-lips lip balm.  Just write “switch witch” in the customer checkout notes and we’ll add the lip balm to your order.  Offer valid today only!


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