Need a boost?

We’ve had several dark mornings lately;  I am definitely one who needs the sun to really wake my body (& my brain!).  During the winter I bring out the big guns with my “happy lamp,” but it just seems too early in the season for that.

So, while I read my paper & wait for my morning coffee to kick in, I’ve been using our new Energizing candle.  Simply lit in the middle of the kitchen table, it seems to bring life to slow mornings.  The kids even look alert by the time they’ve finished breakfast.  While eucalyptus can sometimes be a bit much for me, blended with the other pure essential oils: Rosemary, Clove & Lavender, it’s revitalizing yet soothing.  Now I just need to clear a spot to put the candle on my desk for the mid-afternoon fatigue!

Daily Green Special:  Purchase our Energizing candle ( for a special price today!  It’s an unadvertised sale and it’s only valid until tomorrow’s post!


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