A bag for all…

Last weekend I went to a baby shower for an old friend.  This was her third child and she and family travel frequently.  Like most moms, she’s usually responsible for toting the kids extra items in her carry-on bag; this time, she wanted her husband to be responsible for the diaper bag when traveling.  However, her husband wasn’t thrilled about her “pretty” bags.

So, my girlfriend and I came up with the perfect solution: the arena bag!  When she’s carrying it, there’s a beautiful red/white floral pattern with great pockets inside for diapers, water bottles, and extra toys.  When it’s his turn, flip the bag inside out to display a sports jersey (in his case, Blackhawks were the team of choice).  Now, the diapers go inside, and the outside pockets are great for keys, sunglasses, and water bottle.  Every one was happy; he was thrilled to see his favorite player’s number, and she was elated to have one less bag to carry!

Where can you get your own arena bag?  You guessed it!  Not only are these handmade in Canada, they are completely customizable.  We do have a couple in stock, but please contact us to help create your own: favorite hockey, football, baseball, or even a personal jersey.

Daily Green Special:  Purchase an arena bag and receive a catch-all bag for free!  Just write “catch-all” in the customer checkout notes, and we’ll add the free bag to your order.  Offer valid until tomorrow’s post!


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