A little warmth…

Ahh…a rainy, damp, & dreary day.  Perfect for hiding under the covers or cozying on the couch with a great book (or Ryan Reynolds movie marathon!).  Too bad it’s Monday.  Since escaping under a blanket isn’t an option on this grey day, I’m turning to my new favorite bowl.

These are the type of days I just can’t get warm; I usually end up making more coffee- not because I want to drink it- but because I want to cradle it in both hands & hold it close to my heart.  I feel like I’m warming my body & soul.   So, the baby (don’t let the name fool you!) buddha bowl is my perfect solution.  It nestles right into my palm & there’s a thumb hole to keep it from spilling.  More of a late night snacker?  Yeah, I also use mine for my 10:30 pm, finally sitting down on the couch, bowl of cereal!

Eco-details?  They’re handmade in California from earthenware ceramic & have a lead-free glaze: available in 5 colors, and they hold 12 oz.  We’ll have a limited supply prior to the holidays, so don’t wait!

Daily Green Special:  You get to choose your offer!  Pre-order a baby buddha bowl & write “warm-up” in the customer checkout notes & we’ll add three chocolate squares to enjoy a bowl of hot chocolate; or, write “snacker” and we’ll add a small pouch of organic popcorn for the late night munchies!  Offer valid until tomorrow’s post.


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