Finding my Zen…

I keep a weekly calendar prominently displayed so everyone knows the day’s schedule.  Although both kids are only in one sport, I feel like we’re constantly on the go: dinner is either at 5:30 before events or 8:00 after them.  This morning I had an enormous sigh of relief. Today’s schedule…nothing!  Ahhhh….

Finding calm & sanity the rest of the week, however, is challenging. I have two items, though, that bring me instant Zen: one is a little French chef statue that I found in the coolest thrift store ever (The Town Dump in Arizona- plan on spending the day!) and my laughing buddha candle.

Hand-crafted in New York, from Finger Lakes region beeswax and naturally colored red with plant-based dye, this guy is sure to bring a little Zen to your day.   Another cool tidbit, the company is run on solar power!  We’re happy to welcome the laughing buddha to Favor the Earth (more of their amazing candles will be added later this week!).

Daily Green Special: Purchase our laughing Buddha candle and write “Zen” in the customer checkout notes & we’ll add a free banana paper notepad to your order.  Offer valid until tomorrow’s post.


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