Which side are you on…

As the cooler temperatures settle in, I notice that people tend to fall into two categories.  There are those who view every glimpse of sunshine as an opportunity to squeeze in a few more hours of flip-flops and shorts.  Then, there are those who embrace the sun, but understand it is not warm and have already pulled on hats and gloves.  Yes, I’m part of the second group.

It is entertaining to see the two sides walk past each other.  My friend Holly & I laugh every morning walking the kids to school: she’s in short sleeves & sandals, I have my hat pulled low & gloved hands in pockets (she doesn’t know I’m usually sporting long underwear too!).

And although the store shelves are stocked with Halloween (and even Christmas) decorations, apparently it’s too early for hats and gloves.  So, for those like me, here you go!  Our fabulously warm hats and gloves, made from recycled hockey gear, are back.  Yes, our Canadian friends know a thing or two about staying warm, now you can do so while sporting your favorite team’s colors (hockey, football, or even little league!).  Custom orders are welcome too.


Daily Green Special:  Just for today, save some green on our hats & gloves!  Sale price is valid only until tomorrow’s post.  Available in several color combinations.



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