Are you ready for some football?

Ok, so lately we’ve talked a lot about Halloween, but for many people (yes, I’m talking about you Kelly!) football is the best part of fall.  For those of you who agree, today’s post is about our four favorite items for vegging on the couch watching the games!

  1. The baby buddha bowl:  Nestles right in your hand & has a convenient thumb hoe for making this bowl all your own.  Of course, it looks great on the table too, if you opt to share!  Choose your favorite (or team) color, five colors available.
  2. Since you need a snack to go in the bowl, our Organic 479 Popcorn is the perfect snack.  Six flavors available, though my favorite is the coconut curry & cashew…yum.
  3. Just because you’d rather cheer on your team than cook doesn’t mean your house can’t smell like you were baking all day.  Our new Cinnamon Spice Soy Candle will infuse fall into your home, warning… may cause snickerdoodle or pumpkin pie cravings!
  4. Have a budding chef in the family?  This kid’s Colts apron will keep them tied to the game while helping out in the kitchen.  Not a Colts fan?  Contact us for custom orders!


Daily Green Special:  Today’s special is good for the whole weekend.  Purchase any of our football favorites and receive a free small bag of 479 Organic Fleur de Sel Caramel Popcorn.  Just write “football” in the customer notes and we’ll add the free bag to your order.  Enjoy!  Offer valid until Monday’s post.



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