5 tips…

As we move into colder weather, we start preparing ourselves for “coziness.”  The fireplace is cleaned out and ready, extra blankets are added to the bed (that means bringing out a third comforter for me!), and more throws on the couch for movie watching.  Even though we put great thought into our homes, we often neglect to think of our own “winterizing.”

So, here are 5 tips to help keep your body prepared and healthy through these chillier months…

  1. Sunscreen.  Even though our sun hours are limited, sunscreen is still important, even on cloudy days.  Our Eco-Lips Facestick is protection for your face, nose, and lips all in a convenient “chapstick style” tube.  And, it’s on sale too!   (http://www.favortheearth.com/cgi-bin/productDetails.cgi?pid=102&cid=3)
  2. Snacks.  Keeping a small stash of healthy snacks close-by can help ward off famished noshing later.  Our small pouch of 479 Organic Popcorn is just the right size to keep in the car, at your desk, or in your purse.  Popcorn is naturally high in fiber so you’ll stay full longer!  (http://www.favortheearth.com/cgi-bin/catalog.cgi?c=6)
  3. Hydrate.  Remembering to drink plenty of water is easy when it’s sweltering hot, but your body needs just as much in colder weather too.  Our Vapur Anti-Bottle clips right on to your purse, tote, or backpack so it’s right there reminding you to drink water!  (http://www.favortheearth.com/cgi-bin/productDetails.cgi?pid=22&cid=4)
  4. Indulge.  Did you know dark chocolate is high in the antioxidant polyphenols?  These guys are responsible for protecting against heart disease, reducing  risks of atherosclerosis, and lowering LDL cholesterol.  You can even get added nutrient boost choosing our dark chocolate with cranberry & almond.  These little squares are the perfect non-guilt size.  (http://www.favortheearth.com/cgi-bin/productDetails.cgi?pid=128&cid=6)
  5. Relax. Use these shorter days as an opportunity to relax and calm the senses.  Reduce energy by dimming the lights & using candles instead.  Our 100% soy Relaxation candle is a pure essential oil blend of Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage, & Geranium (http://www.favortheearth.com/cgi-bin/productDetails.cgi?pid=60&cid=3)

Daily Green Special:  Purchase two of an above item (2 facestick, 2 popcorn pouches, etc) and we’ll add a third of the same for free!  That’s one (or 2!) for you and one to share.  Write “share” in the checkout notes & we’ll add the free item to your order.  Offer valid until tomorrow’s post.


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