Gluten-free Halloween…

For many kids with allergies, trick or treating isn’t much fun knowing you have to forego many of the “treats.” If your little goblin has specific diet concerns, provide a couple of close neighbor friends with safe treat options so they’re prepared for you! For those with gluten allergies, here are our Top 5 gluten-free Halloween treats.

1. Glee Gum. A safe gum alternative, not only for those avoiding gluten, but for those avoiding fake sugar & nasty chemicals too! Available in assorted mini wee-glee boxes or regular size glee-gum box. (

2. Yummy-Earth lollipops. Quite possibly the best tasting lollipop on the planet! Safe for almost every allergy out there, these pops are the real deal. Set the mango-tango & pomegranate pucker aside for me!  (

3. 479 Organic Fleur de Sel Caramel popcorn. Who needs artificial popcorn balls when we have caramel popcorn! Small pouches are the perfect size for any trick or treater’s bag. (

4.  Endangered Species Bug Bites.  What’s Halloween without a little chocolate?  These chocolate squares will fill any chocolate cravings & they include a bug trading card! (

5.  Eco-Lips Lips Balm.  Who says all treats have to be candy?  These fantastic lip balms will feel like a treat, especially for dry lips.  6 delicious flavors and two varieties: Pure & Simple and SPF.  (

Want more ideas?  Search “gluten-free” on our site for even more fabulous options.

Daily Green Special:  Since Halloween is only a week away, you’ll need your items lickety-split!  Not only are the above items on sale, we’ll upgrade your shipping (US only, sorry) to express for free!  Just write “speedy” in the customer notes and we’ll upgrade your shipping to FedEx for free (save $9.00!).  Offer valid until tomorrow’s post.




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