Part 1…

I’m inspired by people who capture their passion and turn it into a successful business. I truly believe that if you love what you do, it’s a little less like work and more like fun. It’s even more exciting when you get to be a small part of their world too. So, today & tomorrow we’ll spotlight two amazing companies, their remarkable achievements, and how Favor the Earth gets to play a small part.

Building on a passion for bringing the flavors of European artisan beers to the States, the Ebel brothers founded Two Brothers Brewing Co. in 1996. What began as a small production line has grown to over 150,000 square feet of brewing and brewpub dining in two remarkable locations.  They’ve remained true to their commitment to local and organic ingredients, and they’re still 100% family owned. (for the non-beer drinkers, their root beer rocks!)

So, how do we fit in? We’ve worked closely with Two Brothers to create an exclusive beer soap! Blissful Botanica, creator of our phenomenal coffee & cinnamon clove bar soaps, hand makes our organic Bitter End and Cane & Ebel beer soaps. While you can pick up a six-pack of Two Brothers artisan beer in almost every state, you can only find their soaps in two spots: their brewpubs and at Favor the Earth!

Daily Green Special:  For today only, Two Brothers Beer Soaps are on sale two for $12.00 (save $4.00).  Offer valid until tomorrow’s post.


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