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I figure since Halloween is actually here, I can now move on to Thanksgiving.  I know after tonight I won’t want to see another piece of candy for quite a while, so it’s time to think savory.

Even though I do a ridiculous amount of cooking, I’m certainly not the chef in the family: though I enjoy baking, it’s usually a craps shoot on how the entrée is going to turn out.  So, to compensate, I try to have pretty place settings for the big dinner. My thought is if my family & guests feel like the table looks pretty, the food has to be good – that and plenty of wine helps too!

Here’s the plan for this year… Using the pine cone beeswax candle (made in a solar company in New York with regional beeswax) as a place card/favor I figure no one will notice if the turkey isn’t perfect.


Daily Green Special: Purchase two pine cone candles and receive a third for free. Write “Sid” in the customer comments and we’ll add the free candle to your order.  Offer valid until tomorrow’s post.


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