Fall suprise…

Before the time change, my dog was too lazy to get out of bed at 6:30; I don’t blame her, no one should get up when it’s still dark out.  Yesterday morning, though, she decided it was ok since the sun had already risen.  So, I let her out in the backyard and walked around the side of the house so I could pick up the morning paper.  The side of the house is where my Dahlias live, but it’s too cold & I certainly wasn’t expecting to find any.  But, this is what I found (after bringing it in & putting it in a vase!)…

  I know, stunning!  It’s almost as big as my head!

So, I thought, to celebrate our surviving dahlia, we’d celebrate with a few other flowers…

Novel Paper Flowers:  No need to worry about cold weather or forgetting to water, these will last a lifetime.  Customize your own bouquet with assorted favorite novels:  Harry Potter, Twilight, Jane Eyre, Wizard of Oz, or special order your own!  Made in Florida.   http://www.favortheearth.com/cgi-bin/productDetails.cgi?pid=197&cid=11

Elizabeth:  One of our most popular necklaces.  Crafted from antique spoons, this unique necklace draws compliments wherever you go.  Made in California. http://www.favortheearth.com/cgi-bin/productDetails.cgi?pid=24&cid=3

Flower Vase:  This fantastic vase can stand on its own even without a flower!  Recycled wine bottle painted with red non-toxic paint and covered in hand punched white recycled paper flowers.  Made in Florida.  http://www.favortheearth.com/cgi-bin/productDetails.cgi?pid=64&cid=

Daily Green Special:  Purchase any of our featured “flower” items and receive a plantable notepad for free!  Write “dahlia” in checkout notes and we’ll add the free notepad to your order.  Offer valid until tomorrow’s post.


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