I’ll stand up next to you…

You already know I’m a complete sap.  I’m strong in crisis, but put a video montage or the little kid as Darth Vader commercial in front of me & I tear up every time.  The same is true at fireworks displays; as soon as Lee Greenwood’s “Proud to be an American” starts playing, my kids watch to see how long it takes for my tears to start rolling.  And I sing (hopefully the fireworks drown me out a bit for those by me!), but I don’t really understand. While I’ve helped a friend study to become an US citizen,  I’ve never fought for my country.

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day.  I am grateful for the men and women who were, and who are, courageous enough to protect our freedoms often in the face of imminent danger. Though patriotic, I don’t know that it’s a choice I could make.

I am proud that Favor the Earth carries over 100 items made in the USA. In honor of Veteran’s day, our patriotic Ameri-cans plantable eagle puzzle is half off.  A great gift idea for a veteran;  or, let  kids decorate pots with flags, plant the pieces, and deliver to a VA hospital for growing warm wishes.

Daily Green Special:  Purchase the Ameri-cans puzzle, and we’ll add a surprise “made in USA” gift to your order.  Write “veterans” in the checkout notes for your free gift!  Also, this weekend, create a gift box to send to the soldiers and we’ll ship it there for free (contact us: srock@favortheearth.com) for information on placing these orders.  Offers valid through midnight (CST) Friday, Nov. 11th.




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