Pour moi? Merci!

Ok,these are too dang cute to miss.  If you have any young kids on your holiday list, consider your shopping done- Fini!  Even though my daughter is 10, she’s already put it in on her wish list too.

What is this amazing new product, you ask?  It is the playhouse to end all playhouses.  Made in Texas…made from recycled cardboard, completely recyclable…(drum roll)… the French Cafe.   (Cue the Parisian music)  Created by Little Play Spaces, this cafe takes imagination to a new level. “Fifi” and a bicycle wait outside, Le Menu chalkboard is ready for the daily special, and there’s even a sliding open/closed sign.  Easy to assemble and fold for storage (read: great for a grandparent’s home too!), this play house is ready for business!


Note: the cafe will ship separately from Texas and currently only ships within the US.

Daily green special: Purchase the Cafe for a special introductory rate! Offer valid until tomorrow’s post.


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