Instead of an apple…

Today is one of those days I’m grateful my kids are at school.  Maybe they were trying to stay warm against the brutal wind, but they were overly hyper on the way to school.  I’d like to hope that they calmed down once they got into the building, if not, to their teachers…I’m sorry.

As a former teacher, I empathize with educators this time of year.  It is hectic, chaotic, and energetic.  That’s also why I like to spoil them at the holidays.  Here are my top 6 (couldn’t stop at 5!) gifts for the teachers, day care providers, or really anyone to whom (see… I had a great grammar teacher!) you’d like to say thank you.

  1. Eco Tin Plantable Calendar:  Not only will they enjoy displaying this gorgeous desk calendar during the year, they’ll enjoy the flowers for months to come.  Each double-sided nature inspired month is embedded with wildflower seeds (makes a cool class project too!).
  2. Recycled Paper Flowers and Flower Balls:  Here’s a novel idea!  Create a custom “bouquet” out of recycled book pages.  Choose from classics, sheet music (great for music teachers), or vintage maps.  A great way to add a little beauty without needing to water.
  3. Energizing soy candle:  If anyone needs to reenergize on a holiday break, it’s a teacher!  This blend of Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Clove & Lavender will help rejuvenate their spirit.
  4. Pencil Sharpener Lamp:  This unique piece turned a vintage pencil sharpener into an original lamp.  Yes, the sharpener still works!
  5. Recycled T-Shirt Bag:  Even though the bag may be full of papers to grade, it can still be eco-chic!  Created from recycled organic t-shirts, this bag could be a geography lesson itself: each bag is dyed with the dirt or clay from the Carolinas.
  6. Assorted school supplies:  By this time, classroom supplies need replenishing.  Why not do so with eco-friendly alternatives: banana paper, sustainable color pencils, gluten-free highlighters, and so much more.

Daily Green Special:  Purchase any of our top 6 teacher gift ideas and receive a free staple-free stapler!  Just write “teach” in the checkout notes & we’ll add a free stapler to your order.  Offer valid through Monday’s post.


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