Decisions, decisions…

If you’ve read the “daily green” before,  you know I enjoy reading my morning newspaper.  Yes, I understand I am dating myself and am one of the few remaining people who actually reads a newspaper. Coffee and news/comics/Sudoku on iPad just doesn’t have the same feel.  It’s the same reason why I read books, not kindle screens.

I also know the newspaper takes trees, but I do recycle the paper and the kids use it for projects so I feel semi-ok there.  Here’s my dilemma, the subscription price doubled over night.  No, ‘sorry Stefanie, we know you’ve been a faithful subscriber for over fifteen years, but we need to slightly raise our prices soon.’ Just, a ‘hi here’s our new rate, take it or leave it.’  Hmmmm.  I believe in the dying breed of newspaper columnists, I fondly remember our class field trip to see how the tribune is printed, and I really look forward to my Sunday paper. But, is it time to move on and join the ranks of those who gather their news online?

In light of a paper debate, our banana paper notepads are all half off (today only). Crafted from banana fibers, no trees were harmed in the construction of these artistic notebooks!



Daily Green Special: all banana paper products (notepads, journals, filler paper, and spirals) are half off- no special code necessary. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post.


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