Scattering gratitude

Today is the first day of my kids’ Thanksgiving break. So excuse me if my thoughts are a bit scattered, there’s a bit more- how should I say- commotion in the house this morning! So here are my random thoughts of the day.

Flipping through incessant emails I saw one stating Perfect Hostess Gifts. Of course I was curious, turns out their idea entails $98 nesting trays and $89 playing cards made from bone (ew?!). Really? I sincerely appreciate the time involved in hosting a dinner or party, but these prices seem a bit steep for a hostess gift. Since there are plenty of holiday dinners and parties to come, here are my three favorite green hostess gifts (that won’t break the bank!):
1- Mini-mani set: What hostess couldn’t use a bit of pampering after a long night of entertaining!

2- Candle for Peace: Not only is this natural beeswax, plant-dyed candle beautiful, it offers a sentiment of peace for all.

3- Green Envee organic soap/lotion set- I love a fabulous lotion and this is the best (even the Omni hotel spas agree!). Organic, pure essential oils, moisturizing with out chemicals and dyes.

If your favorite part of Thanksgiving is early morning Black Friday shopping, have fun & be safe (I’ll be cozy warm in bed at 4am thank you!). Don’t forget Favor the Earth has a $10 off coupon for Small Business Saturday, November 26th. If you haven’t received the coupon, that means we don’t have your email- sign up now so you don’t miss this special offer.

In light of Thanksgiving, I have to share my gratitude for all of you. I’m thankful for your support of small-independent businesses, I’m grateful for your commitment to our planet and for chosing eco-friendly for yourself and loved ones.

Daily Green Special: As a small token of my gratitude, receive a 1/2 bar of soap free with any purchase. Write “thanks” in the checkout notes and we’ll add the bar to your order. Offer valid until Friday’s post. Happy Thanksgiving!


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