Just breathe…

When my kids begin complaining that life isn’t fair, and why can’t they have a tv in their rooms, I try to reinforce how fortunate their lives truly are. Though it’s a lesson I sometimes forget. When a full bottle of dishwasher detergent gets “accidentally” spilled on a freshly mopped floor, or I stress over not completing my never-ending “to-do” list Again, I haven’t always displayed optimal rationale. But then I remember I have a childhood friend who’s spending this holiday season watching her son go through chemotherapy. My step-brother, who’s in Afghanistan, posted “tough day” this morning. I have no idea what he saw, nor do I think it’s something I would ever want to see. I’m quite certain, though, that it was much more difficult than cleaning spilt detergent.

There’s no doubt that  the holidays are hectic and stressful, which is why it’s a time we need to breathe more than ever. The packages will get wrapped, the cookies will get baked; and if they don’t is spirit of the holiday truly ruined?

I believe in the power of universal energy and that positive intention can help make amazing things happen.  So, one of my go-to gifts this holiday season is the Candle for Peace.  Made by Sunbeam Candles in New York with local beeswax (using plant-based dyes), the label reads: “Spreading light with a prayer to unite!” Crafted in the spirit of world peace and peace of mind.  Sometimes we forget that the season is about peace and gratitude, not the biggest bargain.


Daily Green Special:  With every Candle for Peace purchase, a “Made by Me kit” will be donated to Toys for Tots.  Offer continues until tomorrow’s post.


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