My favorite time of the morning…

7:28 is my favorite time of the weekday morning. By that time I’ve had a cup of coffee, read my paper, and it’s time to wake up my daughter. It’s the time I get to snuggle under her warm comforter with her for two minutes before her day begins, I relish that time. She’s at the awkward age where she wants to play with dolls, yet she’s tall enough to wear my shoes (and does!); craves independence, yet isn’t legally old enough to stay home alone. Thankfully she’s not embarrassed to hug me goodbye when we get to school, but it’s those couple minutes in the morning that really tug on my heart. I know she’s growing up, and it’s happening a little too quickly.
Finding a meaningful gift for a tween isn’t easy, they gravitate toward glitz, but sometimes it’s a bit too grown up. That’s why I love our recycled spoon owl necklace. It has the cool factor of being repurposed as a trendy owl, but still leans toward the (age appropriate) older side. Plus, I figure the more cool jewelry she has of her own, the more she’ll stay out of my jewelry box!

Daily green special: Purchase the owl necklace and receive a free plantable notepad. Write “tween” in the checkout notes and we’ll add the free notepad to your order. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Wednesday!


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