This weekend I took my kids to an open house. One of my two favorite homes in our town is finally for sale; I had to see if it was as truly amazing inside as is it outside. To briefly summarize, we were all ready to move. Even in suburbia, it feels like its own oasis, surrounded on three sides by water. If you’ve followed my posts you know I have a deeply rooted (thanks to horror movies) fear of living in the woods, but I really, really want to. What’s great about this house is directly across the street are traditional suburban home, but since all windows face the water, you don’t even see them. Thought I’m sure it was partially staged, the home was abundant with simplicity. Sounds like an oxymoron, but true. Display pieces had been crafted (they were quite the crafty couple) out of wood & greens from their property. Simple. Relaxing. Comforting.
Of course, their simplicity came with a hefty price tag. So, now I’m on a quest to make my own little slice of suburbia simpler. I’m not certain how, though. I’ve developed quite an affection for latch-lid glass jars, somehow everything looks prettier (and more organized) in those. I do know that simplicity has guided my holiday shopping. Less packages, fewer ingredients, more heart. Since it’s holiday “crunch time” here are three “simple” yet warming gift ideas.

Beeswax candles: since it’s darker earlier, limit artificial light & create a soothing atmosphere with our beeswax candles. Cube, pillar, or buddha
shaped, they all help purify the surrounding air. Made with New York beeswax, plant based dyes (Buddha & peace candle), and pure essential oils (aromatherapy line).

Organic blanket: hand-crocheted with US organic cotton, this blanket will keep you cozy on those chilly evenings. At approximately 36″x23″, it’s the perfect size for a baby or an adult lap blanket. Machine washable, made by yours truly!

Green Envee wash/lotion: I just can’t say enough about how much I love these products. I’ve been using the lemongrass wash and lotion on my face for about 2 weeks and have already noticed the redness around my nose is virtually gone and my skin feels much more balanced. One of safe cosmetics “champion” winners for purity and skin/health safety. You won’t find unpronounceable ingredients here, simply organic, nature-inspired fabulousness.

Daily Green Special: Time is running out on our free shipping, so don’t delay. Order any of the three “simple gifts,” and we’ll add a free beeswax votive to your purchase. Just write “simple” in the checkout notes and we’ll add the free candle to your order. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Monday!


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