All wrapped up…

In my fantasy home I bought last weekend (see yesterday’s post), the tree is lit, a fire is roaring, there’s hot cider ready for random friends dropping by, and the packages are wrapped in organic feed bags with pinecone bows (see Art of Doing Nothing). But, such is not the case. The tree is lit. Everything else is a bit chaotic; the dining room table is covered with gifts to be wrapped, my closet is filled with “secret” projects to finish. I’m now adding Rescue Remedy right to my water to maintain sanity throughout the day.
So, if you’re home looks like my fantasy one, c’mon over, I could use an extra hand or two! For those of you in my boat, Favor the Earth is here to offer a hand! How about some help wrapping all of the gifts you still have to buy? We have 100% recycled wrap (fit for tot or adult) and ribbon made from recycled plastic bottles (sorry, pinecone bows don’t ship well!). And today, it’s free!

Daily Green Special: Free gift wrap with any purchase. Just write “wrap” in the checkout notes and which item(s) you’d like packaged pretty & we’ll take care of it. Two items off your to-do list with one click! Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Tuesday.


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