Trying to find calm amid chaos…

I’m trying really hard to maintain the zen “get to vs have to” mantra I had going most of the day yesterday. Yes, I briefly lost it last night. Granted, wrapping packages isn’t rocket science, but I was trying to focus on six different things, stopping every minute or so to help my daughter with her project. The topper, though, was my son. More specifically, my son’s classroom. Apparently someone thought it would be a great idea (the day before break) to teach them how to make balloon animals. Yes, they are adorable, and strangely impressive. However, with that came SQUEEK…SQUEEK…POP! ARGH!! SQUEEK…SQUEEK…POP! ARGH! Over and over. Forever. “I get to listen to balloon animals” just didn’t work. Mom went nuts.

I am definitely a rookie zen mama. I’m great in calm circumstances, and better in catastrophe. Irritating chaos is where I struggle. So, my mantra today is “breathe.” For the next three days I’m simply breathing in and out. Oh, and being Merry!

Daily green special: Have a fabulous holiday. Be safe. I wish you happiness, love, and laughter. I also send hopes of eternal patience…or a needed shot of tequila.
Merry Christmas!


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