Made in the USA…part one

As the New Year approaches, tips for living greener in 2012 seem to be everywhere. One of my favorites, though, is to shop locally.  Shop USA is a big topic right now (for once I’m ahead of things!); did you know over 80% of our products are made in the States? From wood toys, to nail polish, to popcorn, to candles, to skin care, to much much more all are made here in the US of A.  If you’ve made a commitment to shop US in 2012, let us help.  Which of our products are made in the US?  Since the list is so big… here’s part one!

Green Envee: Organic Soaps (bar and liquid) and lotions made here in Illinois. Also one safe cosmetics “champion” award winners.

Blissful Botanica: Stunningly beautiful bar soaps that are extremely moisturizing…and organic! They also make our exclusive 2 Brothers Beer Soap.

Eco-Lips: These amazing lip balms will keep your lips moisturizer and healthy through every season. Available with our without SPF. Lips need some extra care? Their Medicinal balm is designed for healing cold sores and severely chapped lips. Hitting the slopes, beach, or just need a daily SPF? Their Facestick is care for lips, face, and cheeks with SPF 30 protection. Made in Iowa.

Vapur Anti-Bottle:  We all know forgoing water bottles and using our own is a great way to be green,  this baby is designed to stand when full and can be rolled, folded or flattened when empty, making it easy to use and carry everywhere you go. It comes with a handy hook, making it easy to clip to your purse, backpack, gym bag, or pool chair! Odor resistant so you can use any cold liquid. Freezable, BPA Free, Dishwasher Safe, and made in Minnesota.  Available in .5L or .4L., extra caps also available.

Endangered Species Chocolates:  Bite size squares of utter deliciousness.  These organic, fair-trade chocolates are made in Indiana.  Adding more anti-oxidants to your diet?  Dark chocolate with cranberries & almonds is on the money!

East Coast:

Sunbeam Beeswax Candles:   Created with local New York area beeswax; even cooler- their company is run with solar power! All labeling is 100% pcw recycled.  Did you know burning beeswax helps purify the surrounding air?!

Maple Landmarks Tops, yoyos, wands, and “made by me kits.”  What do these have in common?  They’re all made in Vermont with sustainable local wood.  No toxins here!  Safe toys for kids of all ages.

Glee Gum:  Love chewing gum but hate the fake chemicals?  Glee gum goes back to the roots & makes gum with the actual chicle.  No artificial flavors, chemicals, or fake sugars, just pure chewing delight.

West Coast:
Silver Spoon Jewelry: These unique rings and necklaces are crafted in California from antique spoons and cocktail forks. The rings are all adjustable, so one size fits all. Owls, hearts, butterflies, Hazel, & Gloria are just a few of their beauties!

SpaRitual: Made in California, their nail lacquers are DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde free. It’s also the first line of vegan polish! Their remover is also vegan and the nail files are biodegradable.

Soy Candles– Again, it’s California. Made with US non-GMO soy, lead-free wicks, and pure essential oils; these candles not only smell fabulous, they burn ridiculously evenly. Available in two sizes: travel tin and glass tumbler.

Baby Buddha Bowls–  Two guesses..California!  Lots of these found their way wrapped up for the holidays.  New colors appearing soon!

Recycled T-shirt bag: Made in Alabama out of a recycled organic t-shirt. Not only is this Earth Creations bag great for its durability, it gets its color from dirt and clay from the Carolinas & Georgia!

Recycled Paper Flowers & Vases. Made in Florida, these are a perfect for those of us with a slightly less than green thumb! The flowers can also be customized for a personal gift. Made from recycled novels, maps, recipes, even sheet music- personalized bouquets make a wonderful bridal bouquet or birthday gift.

Daily Green Special:  Holy cow!  We’ll finish the list tomorrow!  Purchase $50 of our Made in the USA products and we’ll add a free Blissful Botanica soap sampler to your order!  Just write USABB in the checkout notes and we’ll add the free gift to your order.  Offer valid until tomorrow’s post.  Happy Thursday!


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