Resolving to eat right…

Even as a self-proclaimed sugar addict, I know sometimes enough is enough. I’ve had my fill of cookies and full-fat laden comfort foods, time to get back to healthy eating. Vowing to never eat sweets or snacks again isn’t an option for me; I need to eat about 7 times a day. But I’m really trying to make my treats a healthier option. If you’re resolving to do the same this year, Favor the Earth can help with creating some organic habits. These options are also fabulous if you have diet restrictions or vegetarian concerns.

Goodbyn/Bynto lunch boxes: Lunchboxes aren’t just for kids anymore. If you ever go anywhere with me, you know I have snacks. I get really cranky when I’m hungry, it’s not a pretty sight. To keep myself from making poor choices (too often), I’ll put snacks in a Bynto if I’m running errands all day. For longer trips, I put dressing in the drink container & salad ingredients in the individual dividers so nothing gets soggy. Worried about items staying cold? Two sizes of non-toxic ice packs are available. Made in US, BPA & pthlate free, dishwasher safe!

479 popcorn:Healthy lunches are great, but I still need snacks, and I love popcorn! 479 Organic Popcorns take the guess work out of finding a healthy snack. Amazing flavors: chipotle caramel & almond, and coconut curry & cashew
are my favorites. No hydrogenated garbage, naturally gluten-free, and 100% delicious.

Endangered species chocolates: We hear about “antioxidants” frequently, but what are they? Essentially, antioxidants are the good guys that snack on the nasty destructive molecules that aid in heart disease. Where can you round up these good guys? Dark chocolate! Which, by the way, can also lower blood pressure. Worried about over-indulging? Endangered Species squares are already portioned for you
(and one fits perfectly in the goodbyn side section). Not fond of plain dark chocolate? Try Dark Chocolate & Mint, or Dark Chocolate with cranberries &
almonds for an added nutrient boost.

Baby Buddha Bowl: At 12 oz, this bowl provides portion control
whether you’re enjoying a hot cup of soup, yogurt & granola, or popcorn! I prefer using it for hot chai so I can cradle it in my hands to keep myself warm. Dishwasher & microwave safe. New colors are now available too.

Vapur Anti-Bottles: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! The easiest way to
drink enough water during the day is to carry it with you. I know, I talk about these bottles all the time, but I really love them. Why do I like it more than my
aluminum bottles? 1- dishwasher safe; 2- collapse when they’re empty so they’re super easy to travel with; 3- freezer safe; 4- don’t dent when I drop it; 5- can clip it to
any bag; 6- we each have our own color so I can tell who didn’t put theirs away; 7-they’re dishwasher safe (yes, worth mentioning twice!). Available in .5l & .4ltwo-pack.



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